Two-Hour Massages

Clock icon110 minutes

Escape from the world… Enjoy an uplifting two-hour version of our Stress Relief Massage. Calming aromatic oils of sandalwood, clary sage, lavender & Ylang Ylang are massaged into the body to restore peace of mind.


$17.88 sales tax


Clock icon110 minutes

After an exhilarating Dead Sea Salt Scrub, problem areas of cellulite are addressed when an activating cellulite cream is applied before an entire body masque of warm Dead Sea Paraffin. Warm Dead Sea Paraffin is then wrapped around your entire body. Finish this exquisite experience with a Swedish Massage or Reflexology.


$16.90 sales tax



Clock icon110 minutes

Experience pure tranquility with our Raindrop Therapy. Essential oils are released like raindrops onto your spine and gently massaged into your back and feet. Combined with a classic Swedish Massage for a total body experience. You will relieve tension, stress & loosen tight tired muscles.


$17.56 sales tax



Clock icon110 minutes

Find your perfect balance with this special combination! Melt into the comfort during Warm Stone Therapy – The stones radiate soothing warmth and invigorating cool, as they glide over your entire body until every last bit of tension disappears. Combined with the classic Swedish Massage, stress will be worlds away.


$17.22 sales tax



Clock icon110 minutes

Enjoy a classic relaxing Swedish massage – extended for two-hours! Reduce stress while increasing circulation & loosening tight, tired muscles.


$16.56 sales tax



Clock icon110 minutes

Spend two hours in massage heaven.  The magic of Reflexology, targets imbalances by applying pressure to reflex zones of the hands through specific thumb and finger techniques. Combined with a classic Swedish Massage. You will leave totally relaxed and refreshed.


$15.90 sales tax