Spa Information

What are the rules of Spa etiquette?

To ensure that you and others reap the full benefits of the Spa experience, please…

Arrive early. Arriving late will lessen precious minutes of your Spa service. Remember, your service will end on time so that the next client isn’t delayed, regardless of how late you start.

Respect other guests. The Spa environment is one of tranquility & relaxation, so respect the  other guests’ right to privacy & quiet. The Fountain is smoke-free & cell phones are not permitted.

What do I need to bring?

The Fountain Spa provides robes, slippers and other amenities for your comfort and convenience. Please remember to leave your jewelry at home. If you are using a Gift Certificate, you MUST present it at check-in or another form of payment is expected.

How early should I arrive for my Spa service?

Arrive at least 30 minutes before your first scheduled service to allow yourself ample time to check-in and change into a robe. This also allows ample time for the complimentary steam before all massage appointments.

Should I alert someone if I have any physical restrictions?

Yes. Please notify The Fountain when making your appointment of any physical ailments, disabilities, allergies, pregnancy or if you have used Retin-A.

Can I request a therapist?

Yes. Also, we have both male and female therapists for massages and body treatments. If you have a preference, please notify us when making your reservation.

Is childcare available?

Since the Spa experience is designed exclusively for adults, no children are allowed in the Spa. Child care is available on a limited basis at the New York Sports Club  (located next door to The Fountain in the Ramsey location only). Call: 201-327-1122.

What is the tipping policy?

In appreciation for outstanding service, gratuities may be given to the staff at your discretion. Gratuities of 20 percent are customary.

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