The Fountain Spa

Manicures & Pedicures

Nails are polished to perfection with our exceptional nail care services. Manicures,  Pedicures and  Nail Enhancements available.

A luxurious one-hour manicure. Gentle exfoliants and a warm paraffin will leave your hands rejuvenated & hydrated. The ultimate moisturizing manicure.

Our conditioning manicure with gentle exfoliants to remove dead skin & promote cell renewal, leaving your skin toned, refined, and younger looking.

Our conditioning manicure + paraffin hand treatment. Recommended for dry, dehydrated skin. Helps restore your skin to a healthy, supple look.
Complete manicure with an application of softening cream for a finished look.

Gels can be applied over the natural nail or over artificial
nail tips. Then two to three layers of gel product are applied with each layer being cured using a UV lamp.

“Pink and White” refers to the use of two colors of gel applied to the nails to produce a more permanent and natural-looking “French” manicure effect.

Sit back & relax with a warm neck wrap to ease your tension. Includes a full relaxing pedicure plus feet are smoothed & soothed using our callous eliminator followed by warm paraffin. Then enjoy a 25-minute foot and leg massage designed to de-stress tired feet.

Our Relaxing Pedicure + a super exfoliant scrub. Sea salt and other exfoliants blended with aromatherapy oils leave your feet feeling soft and smooth.

Mom-to-Be Pedicure

Our Relaxing Pedicure + special oils and lotions are used to make this a safe & relaxing pedicure for moms-to-be. Includes a gentle lower leg & foot massage which reduces swelling and stimulates circulation.

Our Relaxing Pedicure + paraffin treatment. Ideal for dry, dehydrated feet.

Warm relaxing footbath with essential oils. Nails are clipped, cleaned and filed. Dry and excess skin is buffed and softened, and surface calluses are removed.

Our Relaxing Pedicure + fragrances and products unique to the seasons. Type of scent is changed with the seasons.

Our Relaxing Pedicure + rich peppermint emollient scrub, mask and special aromatherapy oils.

Our classic Relaxing Pedicure elevated to transform your spa experience. Includes an extended foot and leg massage. Improves circulation and promotes deeper relaxation.

WE SPECIALIZE IN WAXING! Our experts use the finest and most gentle waxes and apply a soothing lotion after every waxing for a soft, silky feel.

Waxing Center at the Fountain Spa

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